My Sponsored Children: Edith

I would like to introduce you to my sponsored children with a little more information about them. I will have six posts including this one, and I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child yourself because it changes lives – both the child’s and yours!

My first and oldest sponsored child is Edith. I share her with my mom. We have sponsored her since a For King and Country concert at Southeast Christian Church in September 2014. I enjoy getting to know her better and encouraging her as she grows up.

Age: 14
Birthday: January 24
Country: Ecuador
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite sport: Football (Soccer)
Grade: 8B
Favorite school subject: Language
Her language: Spanish
Her best friend: Edith’s Mom
Number of siblings: 5



We have sent 62 total letters between us; I have received 8 letters from her. Here are a few quotes from her letters…

The funniest moments are when I am traveling with my family. I call them crazy travels because they are planned in just a few days.


Let me tell you that my favorite song is One by Tercer Cielo (Third Heaven). This is a group of youngsters. I have learned some new songs, and they are beautiful. My favorite singer is Redimidos (Redeemed) or Tercer Cielo.

Edith also likes to draw, and she has sent me a few drawings like this one…

Edith's drawing

Edith’s drawing

More children, like Edith, need a sponsor. With sponsorship through Compassion International, the children receive ongoing Christian training through local churches, education opportunities, key life skills and training, vocational programs, health care, supplements to fight against malnutrition, recreational activities, and protection from danger.

Please consider sponsoring a child from Ecuador, where Edith lives, through Compassion International. Please pray that more children from Ecuador would be sponsored.


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