My Sponsored Children: Burusi

I would like to introduce you to my sponsored children with a little more information about them. I will have six posts including this one, and I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child yourself because it changes lives – both the child’s and yours!

My second oldest sponsored child is Burusi. I have sponsored him since May 2016. I chose to sponsor him after the girl I was sponsoring through Holt International was adopted.

Age: 6
Birthday: September 27
Country: Kenya
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Sport: Football (Soccer)
Favorite activity: Playing toy cars
Grade: Preschool
Favorite school subject: Numbers and Reading
His favorite teacher at school: Madame Joy
His language: Kiduruma (also spelled Chiduruma), but he responds in his letters in English. Kenya’s two official languages are Swahili and English.
His best friend: Mkuruto (Burusi met Mkuruto at school, and Burusi thinks he is funny.)
Number of siblings: 1 brother (His name is Ruwa.)



We have sent 25 total letters between us; I have received 5 letters from him.  He is not quite writing yet, so he has some help from the child development center staff. Here are a few quotes from his letters…

Burusi says he is writing this letter 3 days before his birthday and hopes you will wish him a happy birthday. He says he thanks you too, for the gift which you sent him, and with which he bought a goat, 2 pairs of clothes, a hen and sweets.


Burusi says his favorite color is green and that he likes playing marbles with his friends at home.

In every letter, he sends me a drawing too, like this one…

Burusi's drawing

Burusi’s drawing

More children, like Burusi, need a sponsor. With sponsorship through Compassion International, the children receive ongoing Christian training through local churches, education opportunities, key life skills and training, vocational programs, health care, supplements to fight against malnutrition, recreational activities, and protection from danger.

Please consider sponsoring a child from Kenya, where Burusi lives, through Compassion International. Please pray that more children from Kenya would be sponsored. Please also pray for the people of Kenya because of the drought in effect right now; it’s creating a food shortage along with rising food prices.

P.S. Compassion Bloggers are taking a trip to Kenya right now! You can follow their journey at their website.


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