My Sponsored Children: Midkenson

I would like to introduce you to my sponsored children with a little more information about them. I will have six posts including this one, and I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child yourself because it changes lives – both the child’s and yours!

My third sponsored child is Midkenson. I have sponsored him since March this year. Midkenson hopes to be a preacher someday.

Age: 3
Birthday: September 23
Country: Haiti
Favorite color: Red
Favorite sport: Football (Soccer)
Favorite pet: Goat
Grade: Not quite in school yet, but he will soon be in preschool!
His language: Haitian Creole or French
Number of siblings: 1 sister (Her name is Séniale.)



We have sent 6 total letters between us; so far I have received 1 letter from him.

More children, like Midkenson, need a sponsor. With sponsorship through Compassion International, the children receive ongoing Christian training through local churches, education opportunities, key life skills and training, vocational programs, health care, supplements to fight against malnutrition, recreational activities, and protection from danger.

Please consider sponsoring a child from Haiti, where Midkenson lives, through Compassion International. Please pray that more children from Haiti would be sponsored.


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