My Sponsored Children: Joseph

I would like to introduce you to my sponsored children with a little more information about them. I will have six posts including this one, and I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child yourself because it changes lives – both the child’s and yours!

My youngest sponsored child is Joseph. I have sponsored him since April of this year. I am looking forward to getting to know him better and watching him grow up. Thus far I haven’t received any letters from him or his caregivers, so I can’t share a lot of information, but here’s what I have.

Age: 1
Birthday: September 18
Country: Kenya
Favorite hobbies: Playing toy cars
Number of siblings: 0 (He lives with his mother.)



I have sent him 3 letters so far, and I look forward to when I receive the first letter from him and his family!

More children, like Joseph, need a sponsor. With sponsorship through Compassion International, the children receive ongoing Christian training through local churches, education opportunities, key life skills and training, vocational programs, health care, supplements to fight against malnutrition, recreational activities, and protection from danger.

Please consider sponsoring a child from Kenya, where Joseph lives, through Compassion International. Please pray that more children from Kenya would be sponsored. Please also pray for the people of Kenya as they are affected by a drought right now. The drought is creating a water and food shortage and making food prices rise.

P.S. Compassion Bloggers have recently taken a trip to Kenya! You can review their journey at their website.


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