My Sponsored Children: Berekyah

I would like to introduce you to my sponsored children with a little more information about them. I will have six posts including this one, and I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child yourself because it changes lives – both the child’s and yours!

My fifth sponsored child is Berekyah. I chose to sponsor him after my church went on a mission trip to Haiti and shared that we could sponsor children through Haiti Outreach Ministries. I am looking forward to receiving a letter update from Berekyah soon.



Age: 3
Birthday: December 11
Country: Haiti
Grade: Preschool
Number of siblings: 2 sisters
His language: Haitian Creole (He will also learn French and English in school. Just think: learning three languages starting in preschool!)

More children, like Berekyah, need a sponsor. Because I sponsor him through Haiti Outreach Ministries, I will share what sponsorship looks like through both Haiti Outreach Ministries and Compassion International.

  • Sponsorship through Haiti Outreach Ministries looks like:

“Your donation pays teacher salaries, and includes uniforms, books and school supplies, a hot lunch and a health care exam for all primary students. All children are taught in a Christian environment, in addition to traditional classes, children are taught Bible stories/studies. Every child also receives a birthday gift and Christmas gift. Secondary student sponsorship includes the cost to transport them to an appropriate secondary school until HOM/MICECC completes our own secondary school. The first module of the Secondary School in the Baryé Fe neighborhood will be ready to welcome 7th grade students in fall of 2015.” (via their website)

  • With sponsorship through Compassion International, the children receive ongoing Christian training through local churches, education opportunities, key life skills and training, vocational programs, health care, supplements to fight against malnutrition, recreational activities, and protection from danger.

Please consider sponsoring a child from Haiti, where Berekyah lives,through either Compassion International or Haiti Outreach Ministries. Please pray that more children from Haiti would be sponsored.


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