How I Study the Bible

Each of us probably have our own methods of how we study the Bible, and I’d like to share mine. I study using the Inductive study method. I usually have a notebook that I write my study down in so that I can review it later.

  1. I pick a book of the Bible I want to study. Usually I go with whatever book my church is studying, or I’ll pick one that I haven’t had a lot of experience in. In either case, praying and asking God which book of the Bible to study next is the best thing to do!
  2. After choosing a book of the Bible to study, I search for answers to these questions to build a background and context to read the book in (historical context, etc.)
    1. Who wrote the book?
    2. When was the book written?
    3. To whom was the book written?
    4. Where did it take place? Where was the author when they wrote it?
    5. What genre is the book?
    6. Why was it written?
  3. I then set about to prayerfully reading the book. I usually do the study chapter by chapter, and I answer these questions for each chapter. As I work through each step, I reread the chapter, which helps me begin to memorize the text (I really want to begin memorizing big chunks of the Bible, but that will be a slow process for me.)
    1. I look for Repeated Words and Phrases.
    2. I look for Attributes of God mentioned in the text.
    3. I look for where the text Makes Points.
    4. I look up Definitions for words that either I don’t understand or that would be better explained if I looked up the word in the dictionary.
    5. I look for Confusing Ideas that need further prayer and study.
    6. I look up the Cross References and write those down.
  4. Then, I turn to the application step. I answer these questions as I prayerfully apply the text to my life.
    1. What does this teach me about God?
    2. What does this teach me about self?
    3. What is my Response now that I know these things? (I write my prayer to God about how I need His help in making changes and growing in my walk with Him.)

That’s how I study the Bible. I have found this method of studying really helps me learn and grow. What ways do you study the Bible? What have you found doesn’t work for you? Are there any books that you would recommend for deeper Bible study?


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