Book Review: Reformation 500 – a Book of Church history and the Reformation

I was drawn to this book, Reformation 500 by Ray Van Neste and J. Michael Garrett, because it celebrates the Reformation; while there were multiple reformations, the main and most renowned reformation discussed in the book is the one begun by Martin Luther.

The ultimate question explored in the book is: Is the Reformation still relevant today? The answer is simply yes. This book clearly explains why we should still celebrate the Reformation after 500 years – the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared throughout the world, Bible translations, etc. This is to be celebrated because it reformed the Church as well as brought the Gospel to the forefront again. Another wonderful byproduct of the Reformation was the increasing focus on the need for Biblical literacy (and literacy for the general public); once the translations of the Bible began, it made sense that the Church members whether rich or poor needed to be able to read it. Eventually it meant that schools would teach more and more students – that process is not discussed in this book, but it’s something to celebrate as an outcome of the Reformation.

Ray Van Neste and J. Michael Garrett edited this collection of essays. Some topics within the Reformation explored in this book include: The Lollard Movement, Anabaptists, Baptist origins, John Calvin, Martin Luther, the marks of the True Church, Augustine, the Lord’s Supper, preaching in the English Reformation, how the Reformation affected literature, worship music, Rembrandt, contemporary higher education, and more.

I give this book five out of five stars. This book opened my eyes to things I didn’t know before about the Reformation, and I would recommend it for others to read (especially those interested in the Reformation and Church history. I am a part of the B&H bloggers, and I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


New Sponsored Child!

Kevin and Susan Fry from Eden Ministries in Zimbabwe, visited my church on Sunday, and they spoke about their children’s stories. All of the children who live with Eden Ministries have experienced trauma and loss. So, I chose to sponsor Blessed, a girl in the fifth grade.

Blessed in my now seventh sponsored child. I am able to send letters and even gifts to her when the shipping container is available. Child sponsorship is a great blessing in my life, and it blesses both the children and the sponsor!



Age: 11
Birthday: September 17
Country: Zimbabwe
Grade: 5th grade

More children, like Blessed, need a sponsor.

  • Sponsorship through Eden Ministries looks like:

Child Sponsorship

Commit to Monthly Support

Enable Eden to provide for all the needs of a child holistically in Jesus’ name. You help provide surrogate parents, homes, education, medical care and opportunties that these children lost when their parents died.

Come Visit your Sponsor Child

We welcome and encourage each Sponsor to come and see the reality of the life you’ve impacted through your sacrifice and obedience to Jesus. Come meet the kids, see their faces, hear their laughs and feel their love. You’ll never be the same!

Be Intimately Involved in your Sponsor Child’s Life

We strive to create a deep, real relationship between each of our children and the wonderful people who support them. We long for each child to know God has created love in people across the ocean to take care of their needs and life!

.” (via their website)

Please consider sponsoring a child from Zimbabwe, where Blessed lives, through Eden Ministries.  They are also on Facebook! Please pray that more children from Zimbabwe would be sponsored.