My Top 10 (and a Bonus): A Book-list on Biblical Literacy

An important topic to me is Biblical literacy, the ability to read and understand the Bible. Over the years, I have seen all too well what happens when a church congregation doesn’t understand what the Bible says nor takes the time to actually read the Bible. Error creeps in, and we lose what we desperately need – the Gospel. Therefore, I’m recommending these resources for an introduction to the topic of Biblical Literacy and how to read and study the Bible.

  1. Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin
  2. Knowable Word by Peter Krol
  3. Word Centered Church by Jonathan Leeman
  4. How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur
  5. Inductive Bible Study by Richard Alan Fuhr, Jr. and Andreas J. Köstenberger
  6. Searching the Scriptures by Chuck Swindoll
  7. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon D. Fee
  8. Read the Bible for Life by George H. Guthrie
  9. How to Read the Bible Book By Book by Gordon D. Fee
  10. Knowing Scripture by R.C. Sproul
  11. How To Get The Most From God’s Word: An Everyday Guide To Enrich Your Study Of The Bible by John F. MacArthur Jr.

Are there any books that you would add to this list?


My Child Sponsorship Journey & what got me to blog again…

I have been sponsoring children with my mom since I was 16. She was the financial sponsor, and I wrote the letters. We sponsored a girl named Dilcia from Honduras first through World Vision; when she dropped out of school, we prayed about it and decided that it was time to end our sponsorship with her. We felt that the sponsorship program had let us and the girl down.

Later, Mom and I heard about Compassion International, another sponsorship program. We tried sponsoring a little boy named Jesús – this time from Columbia. He was very nice, and I enjoyed getting to know him very much. But as my college education neared, Mom let me know that we couldn’t sponsor him anymore. Jesús was near and dear to my heart, so it hurt when we let him go. I look for Jesús from time to time on the children listed on Compassion, but I have yet to find him. He would be about 17 years old now.

After college, I was living at home again with little direction in life besides working at the library learning more about God in church and the Bible. I needed something that would help me live for something other than just myself. Mom and I went to a For King and Country concert, and there they had Compassion International packets. We asked for a girl, and we received Edith from Ecuador. We are still sponsoring her, and it is wonderful getting to know her better and encouraging her as grows up.

Later, at a college-age youth conference that I was invited to, they were promoting Holt International sponsorship with a focus on helping orphans until they were adopted. I chose a little girl named Sunisa from Thailand to sponsor, and this time, it was with my own finances. In April or early May of 2016, Sunisa was adopted. I needed to find another way to sponsor a child, and I hoped to write to the child.

Therefore, I went searching for a child on Compassion International again. I chose Burusi from Kenya. During the months leading up to sponsoring Burusi, I had read I Will Always Write Back by Caitlyn Alifrenka and Martin Ganda, their story about becoming penpals and how Caitlyn helped Martin gain entrance to a university in the US. While Martin was from Zimbabwe, Africa drew me in, and that is one of the search options I chose when looking for Burusi. Burusi also was born in September like me, so that also spurred me on to choose him.

(By the way, I just celebrated my one year sponsorship anniversary with Burusi on May 21st! That same day, Mom and I added our two newest children through Haiti Outreach Ministries.)

Almost a year later, I decided I needed to sponsor a couple more children. I chose Midkenson from Haiti and Joseph from Kenya through Compassion International. They grabbed my heart when I saw their pictures; they were too cute to pass up. I also thought it would be easier or less expensive for me to travel to Haiti should I ever get the chance to meet one of my sponsored children, so that influenced my decision to choose Midkenson.

A few weeks ago, some friends at my church shared their mission trip highlights to Haiti at Haiti Outreach Ministries. Our church has supported their ministries for many years, and they have taken numerous mission trips to help out. One thing they talked about during their highlights was meeting their sponsored children. I went home and talked to my mom about it. She decided she would sponsor a little girl named Lourddjany, and the more I thought about it, I couldn’t pass up the chance to sponsor a little boy too. My little boy is Berekyah, and I hope to meet both of them one day.

That should be all the children Mom and I sponsor for right now… that is until I get a raise! Haha! 😉

This week (June 1 – 9), some Compassion Bloggers are taking a trip to Kenya, and when I saw information about it on my Twitter timeline, I looked it up and decided I would get back into blogging, this time about different topics I’m passionate about such as child sponsorship.

If you would like to learn more about child sponsorship through two of my favorite child sponsorship ministries, please see these links:

I highly encourage you to pray about sponsoring children and if God calls you to sponsorship, please say “Yes!” You’ll be just as much blessed by it as the children are through these ministries.

Blogging again…

I’m back to blogging. I previously had a blog on libraries, but it got to be a hassle finding things to write about. This blog will be devoted more to my current interests, such as the Gospel, Biblical literacy, sponsoring children through Compassion International and Haiti Outreach Ministries, book reviews, and other things I find worth writing about.

So, welcome to my new blog!